Freight Services


Joopar Passenger & Freight Trains Co. owns 515 open-top wagons. This enables the company to carry more than 2 Million tons of different minerals per year. By obtaining the required international transportation licenses, it is also prepared to transport all kinds of goods and raw material from Iran to countries such as Russia, CIS, Turkey, Afghanistan and vice versa.

Joopar Co. is planning to develop its freight market through purchasing car-carrier wagons in a near future.


Part of Joopar’s activities in cargo transportation:

  •  Transportation of Butadiene gas from Iran to Russia
  • Non-stop transportation of metallurgical coke from Bandar Amirabad to Zarrinshahr, Isfahan in which the company carried out all customs clearance, loading and unloading as well as transportation itself
  • Multimodal transport (route & rail) of iron ore from “Jalalabad” mine in Zarand to Zarrinshahr, Isfahan
  • Transportation of iron ore from “Bafgh” central mine to Isfahan Steel Co.
  • Transportation of iron ore from “Golgohar” mine to Bandar Abbas for export
  • Multimodal transport (route & rail) of iron ore from “Sangan” mine to Zarrinshahr,Isfahan
  • Transportation of all sorts of minerals at international level (from Iran to Russia, CIS countries, Turkey, Afghanistan and vice versa)
  • Wagon tracking in railway network of CIS countries and Russia (daily updated report)


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