Company Introduction


 In compliance with the privatization policy of the I.R.I railways, Joopar Passenger & Freight Trains Co. (Private Joint Stock) was established in 2001 as the first private company in rail passenger transportation and has started its activities in the field of rail passenger & cargo transportation since then.


 Activities based on the Articles of Association:

  • Transportation of passengers and cargo by appropriate wagons and providing related services.
  • Cooperation with Iranian and foreign companies to provide rail services.


Passenger Transportation

Joopar Co. has started its  passenger transport activities by purchasing 22 first class 6 berth Parsi sleeper coaches in 2002. With a further purchase of 84 first class Parsi coaches in 2009, this company has the capacity of carrying 5000 passengers daily and has turned into one of the largest rail passenger carriers in the country.

The current passenger train routes of this company are:

Tehran- Mashhad / Tehran-Bandar Abbas / Tehran-Kerman / Kerman- Mashhad / Tehran- Zahedan

In compliance with the development strategy of the company, 45 passenger coaches have been purchased from Germany in 2014. These coaches will be added to Joopar passenger fleet soon and will increase the passenger transport capacity by approximately 40%.